Kindergarten Program

Full-day, individualized learning for your kindergarten-ready child.

MOM'S INC. offers a unique option to parents in the area seeking alternatives to other private or public kindergarten options.
Studies show that early learning years are most critical to the success of later academic pursuits for children. That's why we at MOM'S INC. decided to open a private kindergarten option at our Lock Haven site two years ago.
Since then, we have had overwhelming success in the classroom and outstanding feedback from parents. Here's why:

  • Small classroom size coupled to a seasoned, educated teacher allows for individualized lesson plans that teach to the strength and weaknesses of each child, rather than a single, one-size-fits-all curriculum that other schools follow.
  • State of the art technology in the form of an electronic white board and a computer for classroom use
  • Full day classes that better prepare students for subsequent grades versus half-day programs found at other private kindergartens, and which also provides a more convenient option for working parents.
  • A before and after school enrichment program in the same location that provides free breakfast and afternoon snack, homework help, guided learning activities and free play so that parents have the just one drop-off and pick-up location, and kids get the benefit of a safer (no travel required) and fun school age program.
  • All lunch meals are provided!
  • Extended cut-off dates for age restrictions, allowing those younger children that just miss the cut-off for public school education to go ahead and begin if they are developmentally ready. Why wait an extra year to start learning if your child is ready now?

Ms. Amy and her class welcome any interested parents and children to come check out their classroom at the Lock Haven center if interested in learning more! Just call our Lock Haven center at (570) 748-8249 to set up a tour today! Registration is still open but spots are limited!

  • amy hockenberry

    Ms. Amy Hockenberry received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 2010 from Lock Haven University. She then moved with   her husband Andy to Stafford, Virginia to teach 6th grade math. After two years in that role, they decided to move back to their hometown, Jersey Shore. Ms. Amy subbed for a year in the area before joining MOM'S INC. as our kindergarten teacher!