MOM'S INC. Kindergarten Gets Glowing Review

Parents with kindergarten ready children, check out this awesome testimonial from Christine Eckert, a parent of one of our kindergartners last year! If you'd like to learn more about the program, contact the LH center at (570) 748-8249. Thanks Christine for taking the time to share how great our program is!

"My family has been with MOM’S INC. for years. When I decided to enroll my daughter into the private kindergarten class in Lock Haven, I wanted her to have the smaller classroom experience and attention, plus be somewhere familiar to her. My husband and I really liked how many things she was introduced to, even if they weren't long lessons.  The introduction to lessons/subjects such as the presidents, life-cycles, weather, etc. really kept her interested and gave her something to talk about and explain when she came home.  The subjects really created good dialog between the child and parent which I find extremely valuable.

Our daughter is definitely prepared for first grade. She is very well rounded and able to communicate with her peers as well as adults.  She has self confidence because she was encourage to participate and be recognized in her class due to its small size.

One aspect of the classroom that my daughter really enjoyed was that they had "jobs" everyday in the classroom.  She loved that they were encourage and welcomed to help.  It made her feel special and important. She also really enjoyed the animal puppets center in the classroom. And, of course, stretch-and-grow---the weekly fitness session with Coach Gwen!

The kindergarten teacher, Ms. Amy, was outstanding!  We couldn't have asked for a better teacher.  Early on, Ms. Amy explained that she taught older children in primary school and understood where the children need to get to eventually in their education. Ms. Amy was focused on building a great foundation so that her students could get to where they needed.  Her choices in subjects and techniques of teaching really were effective.  She was always there to speak with me and we had very good communication.  She always made herself available to not only the parent, but the child too if they had a problem or concern.  I pray all of our future teachers are half as talented as Ms. Amy.  We will miss her dearly as we enter first grade!

I would absolutely recommend the program to other parents for their children without question.  There are a lot more reasons, other than what is stated above.  I really loved the way Ms. Amy focused on phonics in terms of teaching the children sight words.  Rather than "memorizing" sight words, our daughter sounded them out.  She clearly understood the sounds the letter combinations made, which made me believe that phonics was taught well. Ms. Amy also encouraged children to be prepared and take responsibility for themselves. For instance, each child was responsible for taking their folder home and bringing it back with a quick sheet of homework in it on something they had learned that day. Our daughter could show us what she had learned and the sheets literally took 2-5 minutes. The introduction to math including simple algebra was taught in such a simple, clear way. 

As parents, we loved the fact my daughter didn't have to be bused around before and after school since she stayed on at MOM’S INC. for the before and after school enrichment program.  I could depend on child care right at the facility which was great for a working mom and dad.  I knew she was safe and cared for all day.
I especially appreciated the balanced, tasty, home-cooked  lunches that were included in the tuition.  We didn't have to worry about packing lunches and whether or not she was taking or buying.  We absolutely loved every aspect of the kindergarten program! If I had to do it again, I absolutely would and I would encourage all my friends to do the same! 

Ultimately, I think what stands out the most is the growth that our daughter experienced during her kindergarten year.  The growth in her sense of responsibility, caring and compassion for others, and respect for others is apparent.  Not that we had any problems with her in these areas prior to her start there, but her personal growth in these areas was really something to see.  Also, the fact that she was sounding out words, no matter how big, and she knew the phonics and could figure them out!  So exciting!  And this was all being taught while she was in a safe, trusted atmosphere that made me at ease while I was working.  Thank you MOM'S!

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