MOM'S INC. Names Jeb Thompson New Summer Camp Director

jeb 2MOM'S INC. in Lock Haven announced today that Jeb Thompson has been named the new Summer Camp Director. Mr. Thompson is responsible for implementing a fun summer camp curriculum that engages and expands each school age camper's mind. He will also manage the day-to-day operations of the program, from recruiting high-caliber teachers to organizing fundraising events that will lend support to this year's major fieldtrip to Philadelphia.

Kim Scott, Director of MOM'S INC. in Lock Haven, is enthusiastic about the addition of Mr. Thompson as Lock Haven's Summer Camp Director.

"Jeb has over ten years' experience with summer camp programs, having taught and managed camps at the Y.M.C.A. and former Building Blocks Childcare and Learning Center. Two years ago, he joined our team as a summer camp teacher. I was impressed with the amount of experience he brought to the table, and his ideas for making the curriculum and activities even better," Ms. Scott commented.
But the challenge set before Mr. Thompson is not as easy as some might think.
Ms. Scott continues, "Those familiar with summer camp programs might be aware of the immense challenge summer breaks pose to teachers, who seek to continue the education process despite the gap in formal classroom time. The task at hand is to create a fun, hands-on curriculum that allows kids to learn in non-traditional ways, from hikes integrated with earth science lessons to strategic field trips with educational objectives in mind. Jeb and his team of teachers are highly skilled in this area. I am excited to see what fun and educational activities he and his team organize for this year's camp."

With registration opening on February 3 for the camp's coveted 80 spots, Mr. Thompson has already begun to secure a team of highly educated and seasoned teachers, like Chad Walsh and MacKenzie McCain. Mr. Walsh, with 13 years' experience in daycares and summer camp programs, will also be acting as the camp's Assistant Director. The team is currently in pursuit of a fourth certified teacher to bring on for the summer.

"The level of education that our teachers possess is truly unheard of in a summer camp program. With already three individuals including myself who hold four-year degrees in education and who teach in schools during the academic year, we are well on our way to bringing an unprecedented level of skill to Lock Haven's options for summer camps. It's exactly this kind of educational background combined with long-time experience in summer camps that will take this year's program to a whole new level, " Mr. Thompson commented.

Some major highlights already planned include: an inaugural Hollywood week to welcome new campers and kick-start the summer in style; a mid-summer Art Gallery & Auction for parents featuring our campers very own artwork; bi-weekly fitness classes like karate, dance, basketball and soccer; and major fieldtrips to places like Harrisburg's Whittaker Center, an amusement park and Philadelphia!

The summer camp program at MOM'S INC. is one of the most highly anticipated school age programs in central Pennsylvania. Most popular for its big fieldtrip at the end of the summer to major metropolitan areas, the goal of the summer camp is to provide youth of central Pennsylvania with educational opportunities outside their day-to-day life experiences, expanding the hearts and minds of every camper by exposing them to different cultures and experiences.

Registration for the 80 available spots in the camp opens February 3. Spots fill quickly so register early. Contact the Lock Haven MOM'S INC. center for more information.

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