Our Philosophy

ignacio quoteOur philosophy is simple. Keep the classroom small. Get educated, experienced teachers. And approach each child as a unique, special individual. With trained teachers and small classrooms, it becomes possible to specialize curriculums to each child, focusing on his/her strengths and weakness instead of working through a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. 

Specifically, by following the Creative Curriculum model, our teachers are able to specialize lesson plans that follow a broader monthly theme to their individual classrooms and students.Additionally, all lesson plans are crafted by certified teachers and linked to common core standards. Engaging each child's intellect, physical development and emotional growth, Creative Curriculum aims to not only set-up educators for success in the classroom, but to also assist teachers in laying the foundation for ethical, responsible adults of the future. 

Want more information on Creative Curriculum? Check out this website, which provides a lot of great resources and research on the benefits of following this curriculum model. 

Primary Contacts

  • Lock Haven
    225 East Church Street
    Lock Haven, PA 17745
    (570) 748-8249

    Jersey Shore
    Tiadaghton Valley Mall
    701 Allegheny Street
    Jersey Shore, PA 17740
    (570) 398-4877

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