Frequently Asked Questions

I heard I can write off my payments for childcare---but how?

Each January, you will be given a statement of your total payments from the previous year to use for your taxes. Please ask Amy Bowers at our corporate office (570-858-5400) or your center's director to obtain this statement as they will only be given upon request. 

What if I don't want my child's other parent around him/her?

Pennsylvania state law requires that we provide both parents access to their children if they are able to provide documented proof of their paternal/maternal connection to the child. The only exception is if we are provided with court documents barring said parents from the child. 

Can I bring in food for my child to eat?

Meet Kayla, our chef at Lock Haven!Outside food is not allowed at MOM'S INC. unless there is a food allergy involved (along with a doctor's note). 

Through our food grant program, we work hard to make sure your child has home-cooked meals for breakfast and lunch, with am and pm snacks, at no extra charge to you. There is a full time chef that prepares these meals. Under close stipulations, all items are nutritious and well-rounded. 

Meet Kayla, to the right, who is our chef at the MOM'S INC. center in Lock Haven! 


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