Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to daycare? How should I dress my child?

jersey shore summer water funDepending on age, parents should bring diapers, pull-ups, sunscreen, a pillow and blanket for naps, wipes and any special food or medications that your child requires (with a doctor's prescription and/or note). We also recommend bringing at least one extra set of clothing, in case spills or accidents occur. All items should be labelled clearly with your child's name to avoid any lost items!

During the winter, please be sure to bring appropriate attire, like a heavy jacket, gloves, hat, boots and a scarf. We take children outside for fresh air and to play daily unless it is precipitating heavily or below 29 degrees. 

During the summer, please bring extra clothes, especially for school age kids, in case there is any water play and your child needs a dry set of clothes. 

***Every child gets a cubby once enrolled, so you can leave his/her supplies and extra clothing there. A teacher will notify you when any additional items might be needed.***

Daily dress is typically casual and comfortable. Daycare is notoriously rough on clothing due to increased interactions with lots of other young children, outdoor play, and several arts and crafts activities. So please do not dress your child in anything you absolutely do not want stained! 

When should I pay my bill? Do we still pay during vacations?

Parents are required to pay weekly, on the first day of service. If your child comes Tuesdays and Thursdays only, then every week on Tuesday you will submit payment for that week of service. 

Parents may pay bi-weekly, but it must be in advance and not for two weeks where services have already been provided. A 10% late fee will be assessed on any overdue balances.

If your family will not be needing our services for an extended period of time, you may withdraw your child from the program with a two week's notice in writing, and then re-enroll when you require services again. However, we cannot guarantee there will be space for your child if you choose to do this. 

Each family's rate depends on if they are full/part time or drop-in only in addition to their child's age group. We also take CCIS subsidy funding, as well as several other employer subsidized programs. For more information regarding your payment schedule and fees, please contact Amy Bowers in our corporate office at (570) 769-6001. To check out our rates go to the Enrollment Information section by clicking here

What if my child is sick or has a cold?

child sickOur policy is that 24 hours must pass between the last episode of sickness (vomiting, diarrhea or a fever of 101.5 and higher), unless a doctor's note clearing your child to come back to childcare is provided. 

If you inform staff that your child was sick all night, they will be required to send your child back home with you. 

If you child has a cold without any vomiting, diarrhea or high fever, you may bring your child to one of our centers for childcare if you so wish. However, state regulations require that the child go outside with the class if the weather permits, so please know that we cannot keep him/her indoors on these days without a doctor's note.

If your child becomes sick at one of our centers, a teacher will contact you immediately. Unless you have provided written documentation and children's medications in its original container to help with tummy aches, headaches, teething and so on in advance, we will not be able to administer anything at all to your child. We cannot administer any medicine at all if child has a fever, as this might mask  symptoms and lead to misdiagnosis of the real problem. Our policy for sick children is that they be separated and given a quiet space to rest, under supervision of a caring teacher, until parents arrive.

Children's medicines are required to be in their original containers with directions marked specifically on the container for proper dosage relating to age and weight guidelines. If your child does not fall into the proper dosage guidelines, we cannot administer medication without a doctor's note. 

Can my child's teacher babysit for me this Saturday?

No, employees of MOM'S INC. are not permitted to babysit for any enrolled children. 

Am I allowed to bring in treats for my child's birthday?

happy birthdayYes, things like cupcakes, cookies and even brownies are fine. But please, no candles. Also, feel free to bring in nutritional goodies like fruits and veggies that are both yummy and healthy!

Lastly, be considerate of your child's classmates and any allergies they might have. Ask your teacher what allergies the class has, and make sure there are options that all the children can enjoy!


When is my child's physical due? What if I can't get off work?

The Department of Public Welfare requires that physicals be submitted within the first 60 days of enrollment, and on a routine basis thereafter depending on your child's age:

  • Birth-2 Years: Every 6 months
  • 2-5 years: Every year

  • Kindergartan-Sixth Grade: Every 2 years

Please schedule your time accordingly as you child will not be allowed to attend daycare until this requirement is met. 

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